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Jun 6, 2017

Worlds 2017

This past weekend concluded the 2017 World Jiu Jitsu championship. For many on the team this was the last worlds at their current belt level.  Continuing his dominant performance in the brown belt division Rudson Telles had 10 matches, submitting 7 opponents and taking home double gold! This closes the final chapter in one of the most successful brown belt runs in the history of the sport.

Mar 23, 2017

Pans 2017

This past weekend was the 2017 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships held in Irvin, California. Every year Pans is one of the biggest events on the calendar and this year was no exception with over 3200 competitors.  Starting off the four day event were OSS athletes Andy Tomas Murasaki, and Taylor...

Mar 13, 2017

Faixa Preta | Part II

"As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them. " John F. Kennedy This past weekend would have not been possible without the help of so many people and I'm truly thankful to everyone who has been a part of my journey in Jiu Jitsu and life.

Mar 13, 2017

Faixa Preta | Part 1

This past weekend after 14 years of training I was awarded my black belt from my professor, mentor and best friend Caio Terra. There are so many people to thank but to avoid sounded like some one who won an academy award I'm going to condense it to the 3 people...

Feb 19, 2017

San Jose Open

This past month was the 2017 IBJJF San Jose Open, Gi and No gi tournament. After a long two days all oss athletes did exceptionally well. All the way from Mad Tiger Academy in Mililani Hawaii, Jeremy Nitta's ended the..

Feb 6, 2017

Fight to Win San Jose 2017

This past weekend Andy Tomas and Guthierry Barbosa competed in Fight to Win, San jose! After a grueling match with Matthew Rice, Guthierry did enough to earn the decision victory. The biggest factor in the match wasn't their Jiu Jitsu but Guthierry's heart, he never gave up and in the end almost secured an arm bar as time was running out. 

Dec 11, 2016

No Gi Worlds 2016

This past month OSS athletes Andy Murasaki, Kaniela Kahuanui, Guthierry "Panda" Barbosa and Jeremy Nitta headed to the cow palace in Daily city for the 2016 No Gi world championships. After hard matches Kaniela, Guthierry and Jeremy came up a little short. All of them..

Oct 24, 2016


After taking some time to focus on other projects we are finally dropping our first new releases in some time. This Friday, Aloha shirt and hoodie will be available as well as Daruma version 2! This will be followed by a re-release of the dark side, our 2nd rash guard offering and first ever shorts! Gridning, slowly but surely. Thank you...

Oct 16, 2016

Andy Thomas Murasaki

Andy Thomas Murasaki was born in Brazil and moved to Japan at an early age. Andy's father, Andy Sr., introduced his two sons to the gentle art at an early age. Andy Sr. is a black belt and instructor for one of Japan's most successful Jiu Jitsu associations, impacto BJJ! Needless to say, Jiu Jitsu runs in the family

Oct 3, 2016

Guthierry Barbosa | LA PRO

Guthierry started the year off in amazing fashion winning just about everything he entered. At 17 years old, he took the leap to follow his dream and traveled from Brazil to compete at this years worlds. This was the first year he was allowed to compete in the adult division and after 7 matches was crowned the 2016 blue belt world champion.

Sep 11, 2016

Berkut 3 | The Future

Two weeks ago OSS Athletes Guthiery Barbosa, Andy Tomas, and Rudson Mateus traveled to Chechnya to compete in Berkut 3. After traveling half way around the world, all three came home victorious! For Andy it was his last competition before heading...

Jul 30, 2016

Grapplers Connection | San Jose | California

For years outside of Oregon the only place to get  OSS gear was through the website and/or in select academies around the world. In 2016 we wanted to expand and expand we are! As for this week we are pleased to announced that grapplers connection in San Jose will be carrying our full line up!
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