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Andy Thomas Murasaki

Andy Thomas Murasaki

Andy Thomas Murasaki was born in Brazil and moved to Japan at an early age. Andy's father, Andy Sr., introduced his two sons to the gentle art at an early age. Andy Sr. is a black belt and instructor for one of Japan's most successful Jiu Jitsu associations, impacto BJJ! Needless to say, Jiu Jitsu runs in the family!

After winning just about everything in Asia, in 2016 Andy decided it was time to take on new challenges. He made the decision to move to San Jose California, to train and compete under 10 time world champion Caio Terra. His success's continued but now on much bigger stages. In 2016 Andy won double gold at the Europeans, gold at Pans, double gold at Worlds and won super fights in Fight to win and Berkut in Chechnya! 

When Andy isn't training he spends his time studying english and reading, although he is only 16 years of age he has accomplished more than most competitors do in their entire career! Great job Andy, keep chasing your dream, furthering your education and making life happen! We are proud to have you on the team, OSS!

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