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Jul 12, 2020


This past weekend OSS Athletes, 12 time world champion, Professor Caio Terra and blue belt world champion Ermeson Rogerio returned to the fight to win (FTW) stage!

Dec 8, 2019

Jeremy Nitta FTW

Last weekend Jeremy Nitta returned to competition making his second appearance at Fight to win 132! Having become a f...

Feb 11, 2019

Fight to win 100 | Hawaii | Jeremy Nitta

Last weekend marked a mile stone for one of the best promotions in Jiu Jitsu, Fight to Win (FTW). For their 100th sho...

Jun 10, 2018

Kaniela Kahuanui | FTW

This past weekend, OSS Athlete Kaniela Kahuanui competed in the 76th Fight to Win pro series. Kaniela is coming...

Jun 3, 2018

Worlds 2018

This past weekend was the 2018 IBJJF World Jiu Jitsu Championships held in long beach California. This year...

May 16, 2018

Taylor Kettler

Taylor started wrestling at a young age. After winning two Junior college National Championships he started his journey...

Dec 19, 2017

Fight to Win San Jose

Last week Oss Athlete Kaniela Kahuanui competed in Fight to win (FTW) 57 in San Jose, California. Fight to win is one of the premier grappling events in the nation and consistency puts on some of the best grappling shows in the world. If you have never been to one of their events you should definitely check them out!  After a tough battle where Kaniela and his opponent traded foot locks the entire match...

Aug 6, 2017

2017 San Jose Open

Last week was the 2017 IBJJF San Jose Summer Open. Oss Athlete Jeremy Nitta made a special trip from Hawaii to come up and help his team win the team trophy. After a tough first match, Jeremy fell short in the final to take home silver. In the match he hurt his knee and was unable to participate in the open division. In the brown belt adult division, Kaniela Kahuanui fought hard and came away..

Jun 6, 2017

Worlds 2017

This past weekend concluded the 2017 World Jiu Jitsu championship. For many on the team this was the last worlds at their current belt level.  Continuing his dominant performance in the brown belt division Rudson Telles had 10 matches, submitting 7 opponents and taking home double gold! This closes the final chapter in one of the most successful brown belt runs in the history of the sport.

Mar 23, 2017

Pans 2017

This past weekend was the 2017 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championships held in Irvin, California. Every year Pans is one of the biggest events on the calendar and this year was no exception with over 3200 competitors.  Starting off the four day event were OSS athletes Andy Tomas Murasaki, and Taylor...

Feb 19, 2017

San Jose Open

This past month was the 2017 IBJJF San Jose Open, Gi and No gi tournament. After a long two days all oss athletes did exceptionally well. All the way from Mad Tiger Academy in Mililani Hawaii, Jeremy Nitta's ended the..

Feb 6, 2017

Fight to Win San Jose 2017

This past weekend Andy Tomas and Guthierry Barbosa competed in Fight to Win, San jose! After a grueling match with Matthew Rice, Guthierry did enough to earn the decision victory. The biggest factor in the match wasn't their Jiu Jitsu but Guthierry's heart, he never gave up and in the end almost secured an arm bar as time was running out. 
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