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Fight to win 100 | Hawaii | Jeremy Nitta

Fight to win 100 | Hawaii | Jeremy Nitta

Last weekend marked a mile stone for one of the best promotions in Jiu Jitsu, Fight to Win (FTW). For their 100th show they choose our home town of Honolulu, Hawaii and the event did not disappoint!

Making his FTW debut Owen Goo, son of Professor Eric "Mad tiger" Goo came up a little short. Always humble in victory and defeat Owen is sure to learn from this experience and has a bright future ahead of him!

After a year off from competition, Jeremy Nitta made his black belt debut. After a back and forth start Jeremy was able to pass his opponents guard, transition to knee on belly and finish with an arm bar from mount. This was easily one of the best submissions of the night and a big win for Jeremy!

We are less than a month and half into 2019 and the team is killing it! Congrats to everyone who makes their success possible, can't wait to see what the rest of the year has in store!!

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