This past weekend OSS Athletes, 12 time world champion, Professor Caio Terra and blue belt world champion Ermeson Rogerio returned to the fight to win (FTW) stage! For professor Caio it was his first FTW match in 3 years, since he captured the no gi title in 2017. In the end, after a dominating performance, he was awarded the unanimous decision and his unbeaten FTW winning streak continues!

For Ermeson, he was looking to bounce back from his disappointing no gi match a few weeks earlier. He faced a tough opponent in Felipe Ferrieira and half way through the match his thumb got dislocated. Not deterred, Ermeson was able to pop it back in and continued the fight! In the end it could have gone either way and Felipe was awarded the victory. Ermson showed a tremendous amount of heart and we are sure he will be back better than ever!

Congrats to both athletes and can't wait to watch your next matches!
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