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Berkut 3 | The Future

Berkut 3 | The Future

Two weeks ago OSS Athletes Guthiery Barbosa, Andy Tomas and Rudson Mateus traveled to Chechnya to compete in Berkut 3. After traveling half way around the world, all three came home victorious!

For Andy it was his last competition before heading home to Japan. In 2016 Andy spent more than half the year traveling, training and competing abroad. His hard work and sacrifice paid off on the competition circuit as he won double gold in just about every event that he entered in both Juvenile or Adult. Some of the highlights of his year include taking home double gold at the 2016 European Championships, 2016 World Champions, and 2016 Asian Open. He also won the 2016 Pan American Championships in his weight. He also won in San Francisco at fight to win 8 and in Berkut. Great job, Andy, get some rest and see you at No Gi Worlds!

For Rudson, Berkut was an opportunity to reunite with the team and his mentor, Professor Caio Terra. For the past year Rudson had been having visa issues and just as he was getting ready to leave Berkut was surprised with the news that his P-1 visa got approved. CONGRATS on your year Rudson and can't wait to see you at No Gi Worlds!

For Guthierry "Panda" Barbosa this was his first international competition. In 2016 he also had an amazing year, winning Pans and worlds at the ADULT blue belt level. Guthierry is only 17 years old and has an amazing future ahead of him.

Off the mat all three strived to improve and make a difference in people's lives. Guthierry and Andy started teaching kids at the Caio Terra Academy and Rudson helped his professor in Brazil with the adult classes. GREAT JOB, THE FUTURE LOOKS AMAZING!

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