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Jun 18, 2016

Congrats to Ryan Walsh and Kaniela Kahuanui!

This past weekend OSS Athletes Kaniela Kahuanui and Ryan Walsh were promoted to the rank of Brown Belt! Ryan and Kaniela have been competing and training for years and it was awesome to see both of them take the next step in their journey.

May 5, 2016

Don't call it a comeback..

This morning as we got the orders ready to ship out we took a moment to reflect on the year so far. In January we made a commitment, this would be our year. Since that time we launched our the follow up to the version 1..

Apr 4, 2016

When is my next belt?

One of the more common questions in Jiu Jitsu is when is some one ready for their next belt? For most of us the answer is simple, you are ready to get promoted when your instructor/professor feels you are ready. This is very...

Mar 18, 2016

Dream Chasers | Pans Day 1

In 2012 we launched Oss clothing. Our business model, from the traditional sense, was horrible. We didn't believe in the bottom line, we didn't invest in marketing, we invested in people. Those with a dream, those with the will..

Mar 13, 2016

Mad Tiger Academy

One of Oahu's best kept secrets, Mad Tiger Academy located at 95-119 Kamehameha Hwy,  in Mililani has continually produced some of Hawaii's best Brazilian Jiu Jitsu athletes. Run by professor Eric "Mad Tiger" Goo..

Mar 11, 2016


In my 8 years of teaching Jiu Jitsu I've seen more people quit at white and blue belt then all other belts combined. As a white belt there are a lot of factors for this and we often overlook the obvious, Jiu Jitsu is NOT for every..

Feb 7, 2016


In 2011 OSS started as an idea, to build a brand that would inspire. We would never imagine that four years later we would be where we are. We’d like to thank everyone who has ever supported us, it truly means a lo
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