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Dream Chasers | Pans Day 1

Dream Chasers | Pans Day 1

In 2012 we launched Oss clothing. Our business model, from the traditional sense, was horrible. We didn't believe in the bottom line, we didn't invest in marketing, we invested in people. Those with a dream, those with the will and desire to make their dreams a reality, those people who reminded us of us, dream chasers. The prerequisite wasn't anything besides a tremendous amount of belief and perseverance. If you listen to any success story ever told what is usually missing are the failures, the lessons, the days when the person wanted to quit but kept on going. In the end, the response we got from the community was tremendous. 

For the last 4 years, oss for the most part was dormant. Swamped with other projects we lost focus. That isn't to say we ever stopped believing in the company and the people, we just took a detour! In 2016 we refocused and got back to our roots. 

Yesterday was the first day of pans and a momentous day for OSS Athlete Ryan Walsh. Ryan won his first major being crowned the 2016 pan American adult purple belt champion. In 2012 Ryan went through his first training camp only to lose his first match at the same tournament. That was also the first time we met Ryan and knew he was a special person. We often hear the saying your time will come, for Ryan he went almost a year as a purple belt with out winning a single tournament and heard that far to often. Yesterday his time came, CONGRATS RYAN!!

Kaniela Kahuanui also went on the first day and after many matches ended up taking home third. Just competing yesterday was a huge victory for him, two weeks prior he  suffered a serious back injury that left him sidelined for over a week. When asked if he was going to compete at pans, he said he didn't know, he was using his down time studying and remained focus on what he could do. GREAT JOB KANIELA! 

 OSS Athlete Paulo Martins, who moved to America to chase his dream continued his success. After a very long day Paulo also took home gold. In the absolute he went onto the semi finals before opening for his friend! AWESOME JOB PAULO.

Lastly, fighting in the adult division for the first time OSS athlete Gutheirry Barbosa took home gold. Gutheirry is very young but knows even at this age Jiu Jitsu is what he wants to do!

Congrats to everyone who competed, keep chasing your dreams. Stories don't often turn out the way we think but that's a good thing. It's never the goal that matters but who become during the process. In 2012 Ryan finished last, yesterday he was first. Same Dream, different Ryan. 2016 is just beginning, lets go!!!

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