OSS Kimonos V3 Sakura White

This is the third version of the OSS original kimono in white. Made of 100% cotton, this light weight 450gsm pearl weave is sure to make it into heavy rotation.  For this version the cut was modified to give it a more slimmer fit and to prevent the top from opening as much. 

This kimono features Sakura accents in the shoulder liner and seam tape. In Japanese culture the Sakura or cherry blossom symbolizes many things. First and foremost is the precious gift of life, and the fragile nature of it. Sakura only blossom for a short time but when they do they are simply amazing. 

OSS Kanji on the sleeves, pants and OSS logo on the front right lapel. On the left lapel is the word persevere to remind the person wearing it to never give up! 


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