Ryan Walsh


Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh

Ryan Walsh started his Jiu Jitsu journey as a teen. From his very first class Ryan new that Jiu Jitsu would be a part of his life forever. Growing up in Santa Cruz while most kids hung out at the beach, surfed or got into trouble, Ryan was training.

After his main instructor and mentor relocated back to Brazil, Ryan was left a little lost. In 2011 he found a new home at the Institute of Martial Arts and a new mentor in Caio Terra. Driving over the mountain, 45 minutes each way, Ryan trains 6 days a week. With a supportive family, Ryan is chasing his dream of one day being a world champion!

OSS is proud to sponsor Ryan Walsh and we are truly blessed that he is a part of our team. On the mat as a new purple in 2013 he did not win a single tournament. With a lot perseverance he worked harder then ever and at the 7th annual American Cup he took home double gold. Later in 2016 he was crowned the 2016 Pan American Champion! In 2018 Ryan was awarded his black belt from 12 time world champion, Professor Caio Terra.

Off the mat he transformed his life as well, never eating fast food and losing over 100 lbs!! Whether he wins worlds this year, next year or never, Ryan Walsh is a winner in where it counts, in life.


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