Ryan Cunningham

Since the inception of OSS Clothing Ryan Cunningham has always been an avid supporter.  Ryan began training in martial arts in 2005, in Roseburg, OR, beginning with Judo. In 2009 he started down the path that would change his life forever as kids Judo Instructor. In teaching, Ryan found his calling.  In 2013, he earned his USJF accredited black belt in Judo from 5th degree black belt, Sensei Roy Kawaji at Portland Judo.

Also in 2009, Ryan began training Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with Professor Ben Baxter, in Eugene, Oregon. He earned his blue belt in 2010, his purple belt in 2012 and his brown belt in 2014.  In 2012, Ryan embarked on a new adventure, partnering with his mentor and friend, Ben Baxter, to create Performance Martial Arts Academy in Springfield, Oregon. In 2013 Ryan won the his purple belt division at the US Open, capping another successful year as a competitor. In 2014, Performance Martial Arts Academy opened its second location, in Roseburg, OR.  

In addition to being an avid competitor and teacher Ryan prides himself on being a good father and even better husband.

Ryans Bio

  • Brown belt under Ben Baxter
  • Judo Black belt under Roy Kawaji
  • US Open Champion
  • BudoJitsu 135lb Champion
  • Naga Champion
  • NW BJJ Champion
  • NW Regional Champion
  • 5x Oregon Open Champion
  • 2x Subleague Season Champion
  • 2x Ground Warrior Champion
  • Multiple time DSGC Champion