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Rudson Mateus | WORLD CHAMPION

Originally from Manacapuru, Brazil, Rudson was introduced to the gentle art at an early age. In 2011, as a juvenile in the blue belt division, people started to notice his talent. Rudson took home first in the Rio open in his weight and the absolute. He would go on to win the Brazilian Nationals that year before taking all of 2012 off.

In 2013 he returned to competition, but this time in the adult division. Rudson won his first world championship (at blue belt), and in addition, he took home first in both the Rio and Sao Paulo Opens! 

In 2014, as a purple, he really began to shine. Rudson took home gold in the Brazilian Nationals Rio Open, Manaus Open, and Sao Paolo Open. He also made the trek to Irvine to compete in the Pan American games, where he took home 3rd.

2015 was a banner year for Rudson. Now part of the Caio Terra team Rudson took his competition to the next level. Rudson won double gold in the Europeans, gold at worlds, and gold at the Pan American games! 

In addition to being an amazing competitor, Rudson is an awesome person. When he isn't training he's helping his team mates out and doing all he can to give back to the city that has supported him for so long (Manacapuru,Brazil)!

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