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Kaniela started training in Martial Arts when he was six years old. His first sport was Judo, and although he played a lot of sports at the age 12 he found two things that he would be forever passionate about Football and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. On the field he earned first team all-conference honors, and on the mat, he made the podium at just about every tournament he entered. More impressive than being a very successful multi-sport athlete, Kaniela held a 3.95 GPA all throughout high school and graduated with honors.

After High School, Kaniela shifted his focus to Jiu Jitsu and college. After graduating from Cal State East Bay, he expanded his role at the Caio Terra Academy and as the Jiu-Jitsu program manager. In 2021 he left to pursue his masters in kinesiology and become a full time trainer. A winner on the mats and in life, OSS is proud to sponsor Kaniela Kahuanui.

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