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CAIO TERRA | 12 time ibjjf world champion

Caio Terra is widely recognized as one of the greatest and most decorated Jiu-Jitsu competitors in the history of the sport. 

Caio Terra started jiu-jitsu in early 2003 at the behest of his mother. When he started high school, he weighed 85 pounds (38kg), and his mother felt he needed to train a martial art for self-defense purposes. He learned quickly that he would never be the strongest, fastest, or biggest person and dedicated time to refining his technique.

Despite not wanting to compete, after encouragement from his coaches Felipe Costa and Comprido, he did and was instantly addicted. From that moment on, he dedicated himself to the art. Three years later, he would receive his black belt from grandmaster Paulo Maurício Strauch. No one could believe he could achieve that level so fast, and many doubted his credibility. This was soon erased as he won his first black belt world title the following year!

In 2020 Caio joined the OSS Clothing Family, and we are excited to have him as part of the team.  

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