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2018 IBJJF Euros

2018 IBJJF Euros

Last week OSS Athletes Kaniela Kahuanui and Laith Nsour made the trip to Lisbon, Portugal for the 2018 European Open championships. Since graduating college in June of 2017, Kaniela has been focused on training and working full time at the academy. Although he came up short in the first round losing by an advantage, we believe with his work ethic and dedication, 2018 will be his year!

For Laith Nsour this was the first time he was eligible (due to age) to compete in an IBJJF tournament. With little over a year of training and as a fresh blue belt he competed in one of the biggest tournaments in the world making it to the final! His display of Jiu Jitsu was outstanding and we are sure this is the beginning of an amazing career.

Congrats to both athletes who competed, this is just the beginning. 2018 is here and our time is now! Next up the Pans!!

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